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deck rail detail

It takes a little extra time to detail a handrail like this. I think it's worth the effort, don't you?

woodwork detail

Fit and finish create a beautiful detail like this. I will finish your project with this same care and attention to details



While Wills Construction does a lot of things related to improving homes, they primarily remodel basements, bathrooms and kitchens in and around Peoria, IL (East Peoria, Peoria Heights, Dunlap, Belleview, Edwards, Washington) and towns west of Peoria (Elmwood, Canton, Galesburg).

At Wills Construction, we know…

The Difference is in the Details

Most contractors promise quality work, as in the tagline, “Quality Work at Reasonable Prices.” And no doubt, some of them live up to that slogan. But what makes the difference between a quality job, a ho-hum job, an I-would-never-recommend-him-to-a-friend job, or even a disaster?
The Difference is in the Details.

• Details in Design

A successful project starts out with a good design, thinking through what the final project needs to accomplish, and what it will look like when it is done. For example, do the doors swing the right direction? Is the lighting right? Is the kitchen functional as well as beautiful? Does the traffic flow smoothly? A lot of things need to be thought through prior to beginning the job.

I can help with that. I have designed and drawn plans for hundreds of houses and additions; drawn conventional framing plans as well as plans for roof and floor truss systems; built numerous additions and finished basements. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to a well-designed project and the difference between a good job and a poor one is often the difference in the details.

• Details in Planning and
Executing the Plan

Each project requires good planning and good execution of the plan. Are there issues or potential problems that need to be discussed with the homeowner? What is the construction sequence? What subcontractor or supplier needs to put me on their schedule? Does a delivery need to be scheduled? Do I need to get something on the job the next day?

• Details in Craftsmanship

The best-designed plans and best planning do not necessarily mean the best final product. It still requires a good craftsman to do the actual work. For this reason, I do most of my own work and I look at it with a very critical eye. Are the joints on the trim tight? Does everything line up that should line up? Are margins on doors and spacings on tile even? Is the paint cut in accurately? Does it have a sense of symmetry? Are the cabinets or bifold doors spaced evenly? Is the customer pleased with the overall appearance? If they are, I know I was paying attention to the details.

People sometimes ask if I am a perfectionist and I tell them, “Not quite, but I do have an eye for the details.” So if you need someone to do a quality job, Wills Construction would like to talk with you. That’s because I know that “The Difference is in the Details”.

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